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Job Support Program

It will help you get your first job in the IT industry

You will receive comprehensive support during and after the course:

  • HR Class

    Specific and practical training that takes place at the beginning of the course. The HR class is led by experienced IT recruiters who will tell you what to pay attention to during the course and end it with an IT employment.

  • IT materials

    We will deliver you database of recruitment questions and guides with the latest IT job market trends. You are probably entering an unknown territory, so we want you to know the industry well!

  • Job offers and IT interview

    You will receive selected job offers from us and our partner companies. We will provide them to you throughout the course and three months after it.

  • Additional Tsaboin initiatives

    Our students and graduates are privileged. They will receive invitations for industry conferences and possibility to participate in internal competitions with prizes from our partners and investors. It is also access to a place where we exchange knowledge, contacts and other benefits of contributing to the Tsaboin community.

  • Continuous support

    Our Job Support Program helps and advises you on the IT industry at every step of your entry to the IT market. Your LinkedIn needs tuning? Let us know. We will surprise you!