Dedicated training

We will recruit and train a team for developers according to the needs of your company

Does your company need a team of professional developers with specific profiles and skills? Let’s talk, tell us about your needs and we will present you the cooperation opportunities in the scope of complex recruitment and training programs, that are ‘tailored’ each time to suit the needs and expectations of our clients.

We handle the entire implementation of the project – from diagnosing the needs, through solid recruitment, training of your future employees, their introduction in the company and further development of their competences. We also work with the already existing software development teams, which we train and raise key competencies for the company.

What do you gain as a Tsaboin Academy partner?

Tailored solutions

Accurate entry profile and precise formulation of your expectations will allow us to both determine the promotion process suiting your needs and to develop full and optimum course schedule.

Leave it to us

Are you dealing with lack of IT staff? Leave it to us: starting with recruitment, through training to introduction – we will take care of each stage. Of course, you have an insight in every stage and you are the one to make key decisions.

Do what you’re best at doing

You are not a programming academy. You do not have to be one or create one in your structures to have valuable developers in your ranks. We will take care of selecting the right people for your business and you will be able to focus on key areas of tour business activity.

Let’s get you started