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Our training programs educate and engage candidates, both in understanding tech and its practicality, to prepare them to take on challenges in software development.
All our courses are with FLEXIBLE PAYMENT options. We are focused on your learning.

Can you learn programming even in 3 months?

Yes – thanks to our trainers and classes in the form of workshops, you need so much to learn from scratch how to think like a programmer. During this time, you will acquire competences in the area of ​​the chosen programming language that will allow you to get the first job in our partner companies.

We need from you:

Skills of analytical and logical thinking

Motivation and big commitment

Availability of a minimum of 15 hours a week

Team work skills

Learn From the Best

With our instructors and classes in hands-on form, you will so much learn to think like a programmer: Affording you the competences in the areas of the chosen course.

Course Adviser/Facilitator

Network Architect

Web Development Instructor


Course Adviser/Facilitator

Full Stack Instructor

Electronic Archiving Consultant

Creative Design Expert

Records Management Consultant

Cyber Security and Risk Advisory

Lets get you started

Application is free of-course 🙂

How our Academy works

Step 1: Application process (2 days)

Use the form here to apply. Your application will go through a thorough review within 48hrs by our faculty advisors to determine your qualification for this academy.

Step 2: Test & Course Advisory ( 2 hrs)

You will then get an invitation for a quick test and you will have the option of meeting any of our course advisers. They help you choose the best program for you if you're unsure.

Step 3: Receive an admission letter (1 day)

Congratulations! You are officially a student of our academy at this stage. To us, the most difficult stage is not the payment but actually qualifying to join this academy.

Step 4: Choose your program & Pay (2 days)

You will then choose (or advised) the program that best fits your (career) plans. Follow this up by paying for the program. You can apply to take advantage of our flexible payment option.

Step 5: Get program supervisor (1 day)

A program supervisor will be attached to you and will be monitoring your progress. You will also have access to our academy's online portal for progress management.

Step 6: Complete your course (3 months)

Definitely at the end of this course, you'll be getting some accolades. These accolades comes in form of internal job-fair and career advisory program for FREE.

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